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BLT Security

BOTTOM LINE TECHNOLOGY has over twenty years of experience in information security, serving small and medium businesses. Information security is a core competency at BLT, where we recognize that data and information are critical to your business. Hackers, viruses and poor security practices can cause severe short and long-term damage to your data, systems and reputation. You can leverage our extensive experience and knowledge of information technology security challenges to assist you with Cyber Security Insurance and Cloud Hosting Security Risk needs assessment and planning, and Security Operations Controls Implementation.

Security Services

BLT provides in-depth IT security program services. Our IT Security services provide a risk intelligent examination of your critical data security strengths and weaknesses which may result in loss of data integrity, confidentiality, or availability. We identify and prioritize the threats to your systems and sensitive data with a clear and concise reporting. We leverage our reporting to provide remediation guidance, through BLT or your local provider.

BLT utilizes ISACA, NIST, COBIT, & ISO audit guidelines to structure a comprehensive life-cycle approach in designing, implementing and managing your information security programs. This approach ensures that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your critical information assets are protected from beginning to end, by utilizing industry standards for security, montioring, change management, and controls. BLT uses standardized and peer-reviewed work processes and methodologies in conducting our security consulting work in order to develop a comprehensive security perspective of your institution.

BOTTOM LINE TECHNOLOGY has been providing secure design, cloud hosting, and networking support since our founding in 1995. It is our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality Cyber Security services available. We believe the best way to make our services available at affordable prices is through leveraging community-based buying power, open-source resources, and our wealth of professional experience.

We bring to you over a 20 years of experience in secure cloud hosting solutions, cyber security risk management and cost-effective cyber security operations controls implementation in both small offices and large national enterprises.  We leverage this experience, training and industry exposure to create security solutions customized to protect your bottom line. We are frequent presenters and contributors to cyber security & cloud security user groups, peer forums, management seminars and industry publications. Contact us if you need a speaker or contributor to your next IT security or compliance event.