Bottom Line Technology
Secure your bottom line 


Each company has unique information security needs.  BLT provides tailored  cyber security consulting solutions and cyber security insurance assessment & planning services to help your business meet its unique blend of bottom line cyber security needs.  One-size-fits-all security approaches will never help your business reach its full potential.  Let us design customized cyber security risk protection solutions for – your industry, your culture, your bottom line. 

Cyber Insurance Risk Assessment & Planning

Key Benefits

  • Cyber risk assessment customized to your environment and needs
  • Swift cyber insurance risk evaluation process
  • Product and services evaluation and recommendation
  • Cost savings through time savings: YOURS!
  • Documentation and metrics of selection needs, criteria and selections
  • Knowledge and technical research to identify appropriate solution options and competing products

Cloud Hosting Security Assessment & Planning

Key Benefits

  • Identification of critical data and asset areas of high risk concentration
  • Identify vulnerabilities and threats to systems & sensitive data
  • Identification of threat credibility and impact
  • Cost-intelligent and prioritized risk mitigation options
  • Practical recommendations for improvements and or enhancements

Security Operations Controls Implementation

Key Benefits
  • Improved security control through standardized risk remediation processes
  • Cost-effective security operations solutions design, planning, & implementation
  • Risk remediation focused on the challenges of smaller institutions
  • Proactive threat & vulnerability identification
  • Coordinate security operations of key enabling technologies